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The Mission 

5ive is on a mission to functionally connect athletes with themselves, others, and the world. Our program and solutions aim to transform the way sports organizations communicate, equip, connect, and care for their athletes during and beyond their athletic careers.

Sports organizations tasked with attracting, equipping, and preparing athletes for success are facing an uphill battle. Disjointed and ad hoc efforts to execute these objectives effectively means money lost, opportunities missed, and players moving on underprepared for all of life’s demands.

5ive is here to help you change that, forever.
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The Story 

There's nothing more powerful than a clear vision and people running in the same directoin

Like other notable technology companies, 5ive was born in a makeshift garage with a few words written on a whiteboard. At our core, we are entrepreneurs who have a tested track record of business success. We have been called different things... professional athlete, board member, expert, speaker, creator, brand builder, etc.


BUT what we all share at our core is being a business owner.  


In the early days, only two things were written on our whiteboard...

Roughly 95% of ALL businesses/people will fail. And the question, "why?"

In the quest to answer why the majority of businesses fail, we noticed three trends:


1. A lack of actionable, practitioner-led, real-world training.

2. Knowledge not translating into implementation. 

3. People in isolation without community, trying to do everything on their own. 


And if they got too uncomfortable, would just give up. Failure really only happens when you stop. 

With our varied but collective experience in different realms of industry, we identified five foundational pillars that held up in every success story; sales, marketing, leadership, wealth, and wellness. Strength and knowledge in each area are essential to the flourishing of an entrepreneur, but doing it within the context of community as a force of accountability and expansion is a game-changer. We have found that these foundations + intentional communities can solve some of the biggest problems facing our society today. 

All that said, our team noticed the same failures and disconnects happening within sports.  Athletes are failing at life, and organizations tasked with caring for them are at a loss.  Every founder is deeply connected to sports, many of us playing at the highest levels. We knew that we needed to take action and that we could effectively impact athletes and the organizations tasked with their success. 

This is when 5ive was born.


World-class entrepreneur education (5ive Pillars) for athletes, inside a private, functional, community application built for sports organizations looking for a permanent solution for player success. 


Equip. Communicate. Connect.  

5ive Team

Great visions are measured by the people they attract. 

5ive Advisory Board

We are fortunate to have a world-class advisory board made up of successful entrepreneurs, hall-of-fame professional athletes, and iconic technology minds that have been instrumental in our formation, product development, and mentorship. Their involvement has been an affirmation of the importance of the 5ive mission and continues to inspire our momentum. 

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