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Private, Customizable, Functional, EASY

Athletes are disconnected and failing.


Underperformance, disciplinary distraction, player conflict, unhealthy coping mechanisms, mental health concerns, financial issues, are just a fraction of the serious issues plaguing athletes today. ​


Sports organizations are trying their best...


But are unable to effectively connect with their athletes, equip them with the lasting and necessary foundations they need to navigate their careers and beyond. Disjointed and ad hoc efforts to execute these objectives effectively means money lost, opportunities missed, and players moving on underprepared for all of life’s demands.


5ive is on a mission to leverage decades of successful entrepreneurship to functionally connect athletes with themselves, others, and the world. Our program, solutions, and platform aim to transform the way sports organizations communicate, equip, connect, and care for their athletes during and beyond their athletic careers. 


Skyscrapers are built by going DOWN as far as you want to go UP. Taking the time to build the RIGHT foundations is essential for success. After decades of practical, real-world business experience our team has narrowed down the foundational elements that generate successful people, teams, and organizations. Using these foundational pillars we created a curriculum EVERY athlete needs to experience success and the platform every organization can utilize to effectively administer it. 

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Chris Pronger

NHL HOF, 5ive Advisory Board Member

"There are 2500 NHL alumni who don't have a good way to stay connected. That lack of connection has, unfortunately, resulted in some sad realities."


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World class education programs begin with strong foundations and a highly actionable plan. The 5ive method was developed by some of the world's leading education specialists, business leaders, collegiate and professional athletes looking to partner with sports organizations who care deeply about their athletes' success on and off the field of play. 

Phase 1: The DIG

Team Assessment

The DIG process starts with a self-assessment taken by your team and staff, which establishes a benchmark across the 5ive Pillars (Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Wealth, Wellness). The outcomes of this assessment offer essential data points for 5ive to utilize in designing an education plan that optimally supports your organization.

Player Education Audit

5ive will perform a comprehensive 360-degree audit of your existing player education initiatives to identify what is effective, what is not, and which areas of interest require attention to customize the plan to meet your organization's needs.

Gap Analysis Workshop

Through an interactive, hands-on workshop, 5ive, together with your leadership, coaches, and staff, will leverage the outcomes of the Assessment + Education Audit to determine what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be addressed in your organization. Once established, we will present this analysis and ways 5ive can come alongside your organization to build a world class equipping program.

Phase 2: The BUILD
Phase 3: The LAUNCH

Pillar Education Workshop

The 5ive Education Pillars are the backbone of our education method and process. We believe strongly that these foundational pillars are what every athlete needs to be successful on and off the field of play. In this workshop, we will take a deep dive across these pillars and collectively, with internal stakeholders, outline tailored educational assets to deploy with your plan.

Content Assessment

5ive conducts live monthly workshops spanning our 5ive Educational Pillars and make that content readily available for all of our customers to use within their organization. Additionally, we collaborate with topical experts to create cornerstone content. We will work with you to establish your library and personalize the experience within your community.

Education Roadmap

At the completion of "The BUILD" you'll have a solidified educational roadmap for your that is actionable and clear. Having identified together your specific content needs, we deliver a comprehensive educational roadmap with desired goals and outcomes to meet the specific educational needs of your organization. This plan will be the blueprint needed to launch and implement this program.

Implementation Workshop

The success of a plan depends on the individuals who execute it. Once the educational roadmap is finalized, an exciting milestone for all our customers takes place, the creation of the implementation and launch plan. This workshop is specifically designed to establish a practical approach to successfully introducing the program to your organization.

Launch and Rollout Plan

The primary objective of this workshop is to refine and finalize your launch plan. Your athletes and staff need to be trained, educated, and supported. For this reason, you will be assigned a 5ive Education Advisor and Implementation Expert who will help you implement your plan and continue to support your community post-launch.

5ive Platform Onboarding

Education outside of community is incomplete, so at 5ive, we bring the two together. 5ive’s private, comprehensive and easy-to-use platform gains your athletes access to community and education all in one place. We built this tool to execute your education plan in the most effective and useful way possible while also providing your athletes a connection with themselves, others and the world.


01  Equip: Relevant and timely content at your fingertips (wealth, wellness, leadership, etc.) Organized topical information tailored to the holistic development of athletes. User generated content to keep the conversation going.


02  Communicate: Native messaging, mobile push notifications, integrated native calendar functions to help administrators and athletes stay connected.


03  Connect: Player personality assessments, native peer to peer recognition using gamification, virtual team and coach huddles, ongoing support for active athletes and alumni.


World-class Content


Topical content tailored to

athletes in all stages of their journey.


A shareable and prescriptive library of evergreen topics like building wealth, leadership, negotiations, NIL, and more. 


Integrated courses connected directly to 5ive's native calendar function. 


User and admin generated topics that encourage rich and deep dialog. 

Player Insights


5ive Admin 

01  Track player engagement and fulfillment. Leverage real-time player data for optimal performance.

02  Seamlessly communicate using push notifications and native calendar functions.

03  Easily assign and monitor world class practitioner led content from the 5ive marketplace.

04  Integrate applications athletes already know and love. Example: Calm, Whoop, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and more.

"Organizations responsible for the development of athletes are facing an uphill battle. Players live the majority of their lives online, modernizing and streamlining an approach to staying connected with multiple communication touch-points, equipping with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive, and cultivating a community that fosters accountability and ownership is essential."

- Marcus Murphy, CEO, 5ive



1209 Orange St. 

Wilmington, DE 19808



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